Full Time Software Engineer

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import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import Typography from "@material-ui/core/Typography";
import Paper from '@material-ui/core/Paper';
import { withStyles } from '@material-ui/core';
const styles = theme => ({
    layout: { /* Implement me! */ },
    mheader: { /* Implement me too! */ },
    sheader: { /* Oh, and me! */ },
    blob: { /* I can be blank, I'ma blob */ }
const HelpSaveOurPages = (props) => {
    const { classes } = this.props;
    return (
        <Paper className={classes.layout}>
            <Typography variant="h2" className={classes.mheader}>
               Hello {yourName}! Brandpulse is a startup in need of awesome developers.  !!! BEWARE WE ARE A STARTUP !!!
            <Typography className={classes.blob}>
                Here at Brandpulse we are building our app using Material UI. We have decided to spice it up a bit with a microservice back end, and a polyglot persistence approach. So, we have got a whole slew of fancy buzzwords in this application.
            <Typography variant="h3" className={classes.sheader}>
                What we are looking for:
            <Typography className={classes.blob}>
                * Someone who is a cultural fit with the talent we have.
                * Someone who is looking to get into the ground level of a start up with prospect.
                * Someone who is willing to take ownership of an application, and standards.
                * Someone who can help us distribute and create tasks to improve our product, and team.
                * An excellent developer in the Javascript landscape.
                * You have a passion for developing, and learning new things.
                * Previous startup experience preferred (not required)
           <Typography variant="h3" className={classes.sheader}>
               What you can expect:
           <Typography className={classes.blob}>
               This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting industry, ecommerce. You will be working in what could be called an Agile approach, with a small team of committed and proven tech entrepreneurs. We have a whole slew of product ideas, and pieces with roadmapped plans to implement them (AKA endless work, and innovation areas!). You are going to be responsible for implementing and designing a frontend suite, as well as the green-field implementation for the slew of SaaS products on our platform.
               That all can be surmised to say hacking and hustling all day; with a small team to get MVPs out the door. You will have a hand in building our engineering team and practice as we scale.  Addtionally, you will have a lot of influence on product direction, specifics of features, designs, and architecture.
           <Typography variant="h3" className={classes.sheader}>
               Skills needed:
           <Typography className={classes.blob}>
                * Critical Thinking
                * Leadership
                * Able to set standards, and ability to enforce them
                * Collaborative mindset
                * Version Control, with a PR mindset
                * Creative mind
                * React/Redux with Enzyme/JEST
                * Micro Service Arch
                * Material UI
                * REST API - JSON Blobs
                * Apollo GraphQL
           <Typography variant="h3" className={classes.sheader}>
                Skills you will build:
           <Typography className={classes.blob}>
               * Front end
               * Leadership
               * Quick thinking
               * eCommerce insight
           <Typography variant="h3" className={classes.sheader}>
               What we are offering you:
                * Dinner on Tuesdays
                * Awesome fun people to work with
                * Shares
                * Salary
                * Raise opportunities
                * Bonus
                * Future benefits negotiable
                * Split cost healthcare 
HelpSaveOurPages.propTypes = {
    yourName: PropTypes.string
export default withStyles(styles)(HelpSaveOurPages);